Journal subjects

1. Natural Sciences
1.5. Biological Sciences
1.5.13. Ichthyology
1.5.15. Ecology
1.5.17. Parasitology
1.5.20. Biological Resources
1.6. Earth and Environmental Sciences
1.6.15. Land Management, Cadastre and Monitoring

2. Technical Sciences
2.5. Mechanical Engineering
2.5.4. Robots, Mechatronics and Robotics Systems
2.5.10. Hydraulic Machines, Vacuum, Compressor Technique, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
2.6. Chemical Engineering, Materials and Alloy Sciences, Metallurgy
2.6.1. Metal Science, Thermal Processing of Metals and Alloys
2.7. Biotechnology
2.7.1. Biotechnologies of Food Products, Medicinal and Biologically Active Substances
2.9. Transport Systems
2.9.5. Road Transport Operation

4. Agricultural Sciences
4.1. Agronomy, Forestry and Water Management
4.1.1. General Agriculture and Crop Production
4.1.2. Selection, Seed Production and Biotechnology
4.1.3. Agrochemistry, Agrosoil Science, Plant Protection and Quarantine
4.2. Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine
4.2.1. Animal Pathology, Morphology, Physiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology
4.2.2. Veterinary Sanitation and Hygiene, Ecology, Veterinary and Health expertise and Biosafety
4.2.4. Private Animal Science, Fodder and Livestock Production Technology
4.2.5. Animal Breeding, Selection, Genetics and Biotechnology
4.3. Agroengineering and Food Technologies
4.3.1. Technology, Machinery and Equipment for Agricultural Complex
4.3.2. Electrotechnology, Electrical Equipment and Power Supply
4.3.3. Food Systems
4.3.4. Technologies, Machinery and Equipment for Forestry and Wood Processing
4.3.5. Biotechnology of Foodstuffs and Biologically Active Substances

5. Social Sciences and Humanities
5.2. Economics
5.2.3. Regional and Sectoral Economics
5.2.6. Management
5.3. Psychology
5.3.1. General Psychology, Personality Psychology, History of Psychology
5.4. Sociology
5.4.4. Social Structure, Institutions and Processes
5.4.6. Culture Sociology
5.4.7. Management Sociology
5.6. Historical Sciences
5.6.1. National Hisstory
5.6.5. Historiography, Source and Methods of Historical Research
5.7. Philosophy
5.7.1. Ontology and Epistemology
5.7.2. The History of Philosophy
5.7.4. Ethics
5.7.8. Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture
5.8. Pedagogy
5.8.1. General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education
5.8.2. Theory and Methodology of Training and Education (by field and level of education)
5.8.6. Recreational and Adaptive Physical Education
5.9. Philology
5.9.5. Russian Language. Peoples of Russia Languages
5.9.6. Peoples of Foreign Countries Languages (with specific language or group of languages identification)
5.9.8. Theoretical, Applied and Comparative Linguistics